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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hey everyone!

For those of you in the Lansing, Michigan area, who already frequent the Ardha Moon Yoga studio, you might already know about our new Chakra Yoga class that is beginning on Friday, May 10th. I will hold class every Friday at 3:15 pm. Each week, we focus on a new Chakra. My plan is to send out a new blog post each week prior to class to give some further information about the Chakra that will be our focus for that week! Each week, we dive in a little deeper into each Chakra! So let's begin!

What are the Chakras?

The Chakras are SEVEN energy centers in the body, that range from our tailbone to the crown of our head, that relate to various types of energy, personality traits, physical traits, actions, and expressions of the body. These actions and expressions could be internal or external, vocal or silent. It is thought that the combination of these seven Chakras, as a whole, equal our LIFE FORCE energy. And this life force energy is meant to move and flow from Chakra to Chakra, one fueling the next, which results in...MAKING US! According to Anodea Judith, THE CHAKRA GURU ( In my opinion), the Chakra System is the ARCHITECTURE of our SOULS that lives inside each one of us...

How cool is that?

How do the Chakras relate to ME?

At times, our Chakras might be balanced or unbalanced, energized or weak, excessive or deficient. Some believe that when a Chakra is unbalanced in any way, it could promote pain, illness, or disease processes in the body. Unbalanced Chakras, especially if we have too much or to little of a certain Chakra, can lead to "stuck" energy. When that stuck energy cannot move, cannot be expressed, and is not balanced, we might feel pain, fatigue, fogginess, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, fear, low self-esteem...and those are just to name a few! I think we all can relate to at least one of these in this list at some point in our lives.

Through Chakra Yoga, we will visit all of the Chakras, step by step, and we will use meditation, breath work, postures, and Yoga flows to help balance and energize them! The purpose of these classes are not meant to treat medical conditions. Rather, Chakra Yoga is meant to help us get in touch with our body, our internal environment, our mind, our emotions and to be able to notice SUBTLE SHIFTS that start to occur as the energy moves within us and becomes "unstuck." From there, we can continue to build upon these shifts, while improving our well-being, and that is when the great changes begin!

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We will most definitely be diving deeper into the Chakras each week. But for now, here is a quick run down from Chakras 1 to 7, base to crown. Take a minute and check out where each Chakra is located on the picture above and how it relates to it's attribute!

Chakra: Location: Attribute:

1- Root Tailbone I am Safe. I am Here.

2- Sacral Between Hips, 2 inches I Feel.

below Belly Button.

3- Solar Plexus 2 Inches above Belly Button I Do.

4- Heart Heart Center I Love.

5- Throat Front of Neck I Speak.

6- Third Eye Center of Forehead I See.

1 Inch above Eyebrows

7-Crown Top of the Head I Know. I Understand.

Even if you are not able to attend our classes each week, I encourage EVERYONE to follow along with my blog! See everyone next week when we start to dive into the first Chakra..the Root Chakra!


Resource used: The Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith


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