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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It's week eight and you made it through my intro of the seven Chakras! You might be thinking? Now what?

In a quick summary, our first Chakra roots us and provides safety. We then use our second chakra to decipher our needs and emotions. We use our third Chakra to get in touch with our power and will to make our needs happen. Our fourth Chakra adds in the element of love into our actions. We then use our voice in our fifth Chakra to speak our truths. Our third eye helps us to decipher what we see. And our Crown chakra uses all of the lower chakras to create our experiences in life.

The information I have left with you the last seven weeks is just the beginning!!! I recommend to reference back to it as often as you need. Now, it's time to start putting it all together. At first, I did feel a little lost as to how I should begin to tie it all together this week. So, for now, let me tell you a little story.

Throughout most of my life I have suffered from anxiety. I remember being in elementary school and having anxiety about the most trivial things. It didn't stop there. I was anxious in high school, college, PA school and afterwards. Through life, anxiety unfortunately tagged along and became my side-kick. I felt like it was always going to be there, no matter what I did. I tried journaling, affirmations, meditation, breath work, yoga, running, exercise, therapy and finally medication. I was trying too many things all at once to make myself feel better and that in turn worsened my anxiety! At some points I did have results, however Mr. Anxiety never stayed away for very long. Some days, It felt like a lot of work to make sure my anxiety didn’t come back, which was exhausting!! In order to try to have a better understanding of yoga and meditation, I enrolled in yoga teacher training. During my training, I was introduced to the seven chakras. From that very first day, I was infatuated with the chakras and tried to obtain as much information as I could about them. Something just clicked. I read multiple books and took many workshops to better understand the chakras. It was only then, when I began to understand how imbalanced my own chakras were, that I realized my anxiety was deeply connected with my imbalances. Throughout my life, my anxiety essentially programmed the way I acted, spoke, and lived. It affected my chakras so greatly. Only until I started working on energizing my imbalanced chakras and releasing old energy blocks, did I finally start to feel better.

Our chakras do have a major effect on our health. Because of my anxiety, I had excessive Chakras 6 and 7. I was too in my head all of the time and not grounded enough. I was always rushing around and trying to do a million things This upper chakra imbalance throws off the lower chakras. Imagine an upside down can't stay upright. It eventually topples over. So, in cases when someone is really anxious, stressed, or unsettled, we would want to work on the lower chakras. We want to think about drawing the energy down from the excessive chakras. When the upper chakras are in excess, the lower chakras are depleted. We essentially have to "come back down to Earth" and reground in our first and second Chakras, drawing the energy downward to help us SETTLE and FEEL SAFE. Make sense??

In my case, instead of trying to "do it all," I worked on a few activities daily. As I mentioned above, I needed to work on my lower chakras. I started to incorporate more grounding postures and exercises to help my first and second chakras. I also moved slower and did more restorative yoga. I sat in meditation and did a lot of visualization of grounding down. I also did A LOT of alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhana. It did take some time and dedication each day. Every time I felt myself getting anxious I would bring myself back to this safe place I created. And eventually MY MIND AND BODY STARTED TO LEARN A NEW HABIT. I might start to feel anxious but I learned how to bring myself back down to my first chakra again and out of my head!

Now, The same is true in the opposite scenario. If someone is feeling tired, heavy and sluggish, they likely have excessive lower chakras, which causes too much settling. It's hard to "get going." We might feel stuck here. In this case, we would want to energize our upper chakras and move some of the energy out of the lower chakras, which are likely weighing us down.

I should also disclose that there is a time and place for medication for the above conditions. I know this for a fact as I am a medical professional. I am not saying chakra work takes the place of medication. Not all situations are the same as mine. can be such a great resource to use in conjunction with medication or other treatments.

So, it's a lot to take in. We are going to start working on postures and flows next week! I am so excited to show you guys more of what I have learned. Stay tuned as well for my YouTube channel to pop up as well!


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