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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I spent a week in Heaven...ok not really, but it does seem like Heaven on Earth to me. Or summer camp for Yogis! You may have noticed that there wasn't a new blog post last week and that is because I was at KRIPALU in Stockbridge, Massachussettes for EIGHT DAYS!! (cue celebratory theme song)

Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA

Now, if you haven't checked out Kripalu's website or catalog, DO IT! Here's the link to their site:

They have workshops and yoga retreats for everyone and everybody, covering such an enormous amount of topics....even Mindful Birdwatching. Yes, that is a thing! I returned to Kripalu for my 6th visit to attend a workshop by Anodea Judith. This workshop was one of my prerequisites for my official Chakra Yoga Teacher certification through Sacred Centers. It was called "The Psychology of the Chakras." Boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Now before we get started about my workshop, can we take a second to appreciate the GORGEOUS and STUNNING grounds of Kripalu?!

Misty Morning in the Berkshires

The Magnificent Berkshires

The weather was just perfect every day... Great weather for an early morning walk as the sun was coming up or during the afternoon for a pick-me-up! They really encourage unplugging while you're enjoying your stay, but I just couldn't help taking photos of the scenery. In the morning when the clouds roll in, I would pinch myself because it felt so surreal. The trees were so majestic, offering shade when needed. The meadows of flowers for the monarch butterflies were so fragrant and colorful. Honeybees filled the meadows. Harmonious bird songs filled the hiking paths. It's like you're in your own personal Disney movie, short of having an animal sidekick that walks and talks, at your side! :)

Enormous Sunflower Hug!

The food is one of the best parts at Kripalu. Everything is organic and they try to buy from local farmers, which is great. Sadly there are no photos of the food because they HIGHLY DISCOURAGE phone use in the dining hall. Oh well! If you have a chance to go to Kripalu, the food does not disappoint! The vegan desserts at dinner are such a good day to end the day!

My workshop with the wonderful Anodea Judith didn't just stop at learning more about the Chakras each day. Our workshop was also given by Selene Kumin Vega, who is a leading psychotherapist, and expert in trance therapy. You heard that right...trance therapy. Each morning our class started with a trance meditation led by Selene, followed by free movement or dance, to let the energy move freely out your body. Sounds a bit woo woo...but so very cool. Let me tell you guys, you learn A LOT about yourself after spending an hour in meditation day after day. It really is a cool thing.

Early morning Vinyasa class in the outdoor tent!

In our group, we really got to know each other and started forming strong bonds quickly. We shared, laughed, cried and danced together. By the end of the 8 days, we were all family. I am so lucky to now have friends who I know will be in my life forever!

My Kin Group :)

If this picture would have been taken on our last day, we would have been hugging one another so tightly while crying our eyes out!!

I learned some very important lessons this week while at Kripalu that I thought I would share with you all:

1. Don't be afraid of Human connection. Often times, we think we can "go it alone." We are social beings! We need communication, acceptance and community from other Human Beings! Give a friend a call who you've been meaning to talk to!

2. Unplug and Simplify. That's right. Put your phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc down and look at the beautiful world around you!! Our Earth might not look the same 50 years from now at the rate we are going. There will be changes. Appreciate the beauty now!

3. Be Vulnerable. Often times when we would share a story or life experience with a partner, I was hesitant to say what I wanted to say. But, most of the time, my partner had the exact same or almost same experience or story as I had! We are SO much more alike than we believe. We often think, "Oh, I'm the only one." And it's not true at all! We are not alone and many people are going through the same things that we are going through! Don't be afraid to share your story!

4. Be Best Friends with Yourself. I only have one of me. You only have one of you. Don't waste time not knowing who you truly are. And LOVE YOURSELF!

My Momma and Me!

Let me know if you guys have any life lessons to add to this list!


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