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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Today we begin with a word about our Root Chakra, or first Chakra......

If you notice down below in The 7 Chakras of the Human Body, you will see our Root Chakra at the base of body. The color is RED. The Affirmation is I AM.

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Now, let's dive into the meaning and purpose of the ROOT CHAKRA, or MULADHARA CHAKRA, in Sanskrit. Muladhara means "ROOT SUPPORT."

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To start, our Root Chakra governs the location of our tailbone through our entire legs to the toes. The element of the Root Chakra is Earth. The Root Chakra governs our HOME and SAFETY. The name, Muladhara, means root support. So, if we think about it, this Chakra resides throughout our legs, which are OUR ROOTS that connect us to the Earth. Our roots ground down to the Earth underneath us everyday as we walk, sit, work, live, etc. The purpose of these roots are to help us feel secure. Think of the roots of a tree, growing deep down into the Earth, helping it to stay stable, supported, grounded, solid and secure. That is the action of our first Chakra. The Root Chakra is also the base and support of the rest of our Chakras. It helps the rest of our Chakra system to stay stable, grounded, solid and secure, just like the example of the roots and the tree.

When our bare feet connect with the Earth, our first Chakra is essentially connecting to our home. As well as, the Earth is connecting with us through our first Chakra. There is the transference of energy between our feet (first Chakra) and the Earth. Have you ever noticed how good it feels to walk barefoot in the grass? Why do you think that is? I believe it is because we are connecting our first Chakra space, the Chakra of home and security, with our ACTUAL HOME...the Earth. Walking barefoot outside, which is actually called GROUNDING, is a great exercise to help balance and energize the Root Chakra.

Root Chakra = Root Support = Security = Home = Earth

Now, what if our Root Chakra is out of balance. Think back to the example of the tree. If we damage or break the roots of the tree, it isn't supported any longer. If our Root Chakra isn't supported, it affects the rest of our entire Chakra system through our body all the way up to our Crown Chakra at the top of our heads. The rest of the Chakra system is built upon a stable base of the Root Chakra, just like the roots leading up to the trunk, branches, and leaves of a tree.

When we are out of balance in our Root Chakra we may feel unsettled, anxious, fearful, frazzled, stressed, like we are constantly on the go and rushing around. We also could feel heaviness, sluggishness, and fatigue.

What are some ways we can balance our Root Chakra?

●The grounding exercise above, walking barefoot outside.

● Seated meditation, imagining your roots extending down into the Earth underneath you.

● Certain yoga postures, where the feet are rooting down to support us, such as Tree Pose (Vrksasana) and Chair Pose (Utkatasana). Or postures like Knees to Chest Pose (Apanasana) are also great! See below!


We'll get into Yoga postures more as the weeks go on in further detail. We will also continue to build upon the knowledge of the Root Chakra in the weeks to come. I hope you all find this post helpful and thought-provoking! This Friday in class, we begin with the Root Chakra!

Next week, we will meet our Second Chakra!


Resource Used: Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith

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