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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Do we ever stop and think what a privilege it is to be able to see and observe the world around us? Or how often do we look at something and truly SEE it? ...A flower, a friend, a family member or spouse, a sunset.....

This brings us to our sixth Chakra, our Third Eye Chakra....our Chakra of sight, perception, illumination and light. It is the place of our intuition, our dreams and our imagination. It's what we see and what we know, consciously and subconsciously...the pictures we see in front of us and the pictures we see inside our minds.

The Third Eye Chakra is our sixth Chakra in our system. If you notice down below in The 7 Chakras of the Human Body, you will see our Third Eye Chakra at the center of the face. The true place of the sixth Chakra is over the area forehead just above the eyebrows. The color is INDIGO or ROYAL BLUE. The Affirmation is I SEE.

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The Third Eye Chakra is called the AJÑA CHAKRA, which means, TO PERCEIVE or TO KNOW, in Sanskrit. This means it is more than just sight. As we travel up through the Chakras, the sixth chakra is more in the realm of the mental and spiritual body than the physical body, which is opposite of the lower Chakras. We can use our eyes to SEE but we also need our minds to perceive and know what it is we are seeing. In my opinion, that is why the locations is not quite at the level of our eyes but not quite at the area of our's in between them!

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The Third Eye Chakra's element is LIGHT. We need light to see! We use light to illuminate darkness and then we can see clearer. Using our actual eyes and our sense of sight, we are able to recognize others and objects. Anodea Judith states that these are our "real eyes." We use our "real eyes" to see what is right in front of us. On the other hand, our Third Eye Chakra also "sees" and perceives things that might not be easy to recognize right in front of us, such as our INTUITION, DREAMS and IMAGINATION. We "see" these internally!

Our INTUITION is found at the Third Eye Chakra because we need our SIGHT in order to be intuitive. We also need to be able to use our other senses and perception to REALLY SEE the person or the object in our mind. Have you ever thought about a song in your head and then suddenly it's playing on the radio? Or have you ever thought of a person in your life and then the next phone call you get is from that person? This is our intuition and Third Eye Chakra at work! We are using a combination of our Third Eye Chakra, our senses, our mind and sight, subconscious and conscious, as cues in that moment to SEE AND KNOW whats happening around us....or what's about to happen! We are all more intuitive than we know!


●MEDITATION: By turning inward and tuning out the outside we can connect with our INNER SIGHT, our intuition, and what it is we need to know. Close your eyes and keep your eyes still. Sometimes we close our eyes and still allow them to look around. It feels so good to close our eyes at times, remove ourselves from the outside world and travel inward. Find stillness and listen to the messages you receive.

●Dream Journal: Our dreams can carry messages to us. Our dreams are a way our subconscious mind processes the information we receive on a daily basis. If you remember your dreams, write them down and SEE if there is a pattern. If you don't remember your dreams, that's ok too!

●Certain yoga postures that promote a focus or a gaze can help activate our Third Eye Chakra. These poses are balancing postures, inversions and Yogi eye exercises. Close your eyes. See a clock imprinted on the backs of your eyelids. Starting at 12 o'clock take your gaze with your eyes closed clockwise, around all of the numbers of the clock, until you get back up to 12 o'clock. Then reverse! A pose that promotes a fixed gaze is our Eagle pose (Garudasana). See Below!


Next week we finish up our introduction to the Chakras with our seventh Chakra...our Crown Chakra! I encourage you to take some time this week, close your eyes, tune inward, and see what happens!


Resource Used: Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith

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