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YOGA FOR FATIGUE: A Third Chakra Flow

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We are tired! Am I right? We are tired as a society. I see it all the time. We have a MILLION things going on, to keep track of, to remember, to check on our phones, etc. There aren't enough hours in the day...and we are TIRED! Fatigue is one of the biggest medical complaints that I see in my office. It's a real epidemic!

Our Third Chakra space, or our Solar Plexus Chakra, is responsible for our energy and our FIRE inside of us! If you need a recap on the Solar Plexus Chakra, check out my blog post that goes into more detail about it here....

So, when we are tired or burned out, we could say our FIRE is burned out, right?! We might not have any energy, motivation or the ability to "get up and go." Our Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for all of these! Now our Solar Plexus Chakra is built up based upon solid first and second Chakra spaces. In our First Chakra, our Root Chakra, we build our base and stability. The Second Chakra, our Sacral Chakra, adds in movement and fluidity.

Remember.... Matter plus Movement equals Energy!

The idea is to ground down, feel stable, add in a little movement and then we start to spark our fire center!! What can we do to help light our fire and build our energy, while combating fatigue???? Certain postures and breath work can help with this! I have listed below some postures that help to build our fire as well as a type of pranayama, or breathing technique, called Kapalabhati Breath. Kapalabhati Breath is the BREATH OF FIRE. Literally, it is a type of breathing that helps to build up our fire and energy inside of us. It is said to improve oxygen to our brain and body which improves our energy. It also reduces stress and when done regularly could help with weight loss! NO KIDDING!

Scroll down and check out the postures below that are great for our Third Chakra, like twists and core exercises! Combine these with breath and aim to hold them for five full breaths in and out, working up to longer! In the following poses, notice if you feel more energized afterwards. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes of dedication and practice, which makes all the difference!


Find a comfortable seat, sitting on the floor or on a chair. Place your hands over your third chakra space. Inhale to begin and then actively exhale through the nose contracting your belly in over your third chakra space. The inhale following comes naturally and is passive, and the belly relaxes. Right away, actively exhale. Repeat this quickly and smoothly, exhaling and inhaling, feeling your belly contract and release with each breath. Aim for 20 quick breaths, building up to 40. After your round, take a few natural breaths and relax. Close your eyes and see how you feel. You can repeat a few more times as well!



Fun fact! This pose is also called HALF LORD OF THE FISHES POSE! Begin seated up tall in a simple cross-legged position. Root down through your sitz bones. Place your right foot on the floor. Place your right hand behind you, which helps you to sit up tall. Relax the shoulders down away from the ears. Inhale as you reach your left arm up high. Exhale as you twist (from your low belly) bringing your left elbow to the outside of the right knee. You also could hug the right knee with the left elbow/left arm for an easier variation. Each inhale the spine grows taller. Each exhale we deepen our twist. Release the twist on an exhale and switch to the other side!



Begin in a seated position with your knees bent in front of you and feet flat on the floor. Legs and feet are glued together. Rock back on your sitz bones, coming to the tip toes. Belly draws in to support our low back. Our heart space lifts. Chin lifts away from the chest. Arms reach out in front. Stay here or lift your feet, aiming to parallel with the lower legs. Take full deep breaths in this position, building our fire and working our core at the same time!

After your practice, pause and notice how you feel! You might be surprised that your energy and mood are lifted! Practice and consistency are key! Over time, you might notice that it's easier to combat fatigue with a few simple postures or your breath!


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