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YOGA FOR FEAR: A Second Chakra Flow

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

FEAR......a four-letter word that we are ALL familiar with but no one really likes to talk about ....for very good reasons!! I don't know a single person who cannot relate with being scared at some point in their lives. Now, no one wants to admit that they are scared! And that is ok, however, if we don't recognize our fear and put an end to it, it can take over our lives. In that moment, I believe we are not living our happiest lives.

Often times when we are stressed, we might notice our upper back and shoulders get tense. Many people "carry their stress" in their shoulders. Well, a similar thing can happen in our hips. We start to carry fear in our hips, or second chakra. Our second chakra rules our emotions, needs, desires. What if we are not in touch with these? Fear might start to set in. If you need a refresher of the second Chakra, our Sacral Chakra, check out my intro blog on it here!

Through our lives, if we do have fears build up and if they are not dealt with or released, we can start to develop a very rigid second Chakra. Think of having a rigid body, inflexible hips, or a body that is "too scared or unwilling" to move. Our emotions, needs and desires become rigid, just like our bodies can, all because of FEAR.

Certain postures, along with our deep breath, help to open, release and let go of our fears, rigidities, and inflexibilities. It might take some time, but consistency is key! Scroll down and check out the postures below that are great for our second Chakra. Combine these with breath and aim to hold them for five full breaths in and out, working up to longer! In the following poses, notice if the hips feel tight and send the breath there. Notice if any emotions come up as you breath into the hip spaces!

Remember, practice and the change will come! Always come back to your breath!


Bound Angle Pose/Baddha Konasana

Sitting tall on your mat or the floor, all the knees to open to the sides. If hips are tight, a block, pillow or even a rolled up blanket can be propped underneath each knee. The soles of the feet come together. Hands rest on the feet. Our belly draws in to support our low back. Our hearts stay lifted and open. Shoulders drop down away from the ears. The neck is long. Close your eyes and BREATHE!


Low Lunge Pose/Anjaneyasana

From a tabletop position, draw the right knee forward, placing the right foot onto the mat and keeping the right knee bent. Inching the right foot forward, see that the right knee is directly over your right ankle/foot. Slowly shift your hips forward into your lunge position, being careful not to let the right knee creep out past your ankle. Our tail tucks under. Belly draws in to support the low back. Our heart space lifts. Raise arms up overhead. Draw shoulders down away from the ears. Maybe, glance upwards at the hands. Breathe into the hips. You will especially feel this in the front of the left hip. After five breaths, switch to the other side!


Reclining Pigeon Pose/Supta Kapotasana

Allowing your back to rest on the mat, draw the left knee up into your chest. Your right leg extends out long underneath you. Cross the left ankle over the top of the right thigh. You can start to bend into the right knee, bringing your legs closer to you. Or you can completely lift the legs up towards your torso. The hands thread through the legs. Grab onto the back of the right thigh. Or bend the right knee and clasp the right shin. Breathe into the left hip space. Shoulders melt down into the mat. Relax the forehead and eyes. After five full breaths in and out. Switch to the other side!

After your practice, take a few moments and notice how you feel. Notice if anything came up, positive or negative. Maybe journal your thoughts. Over time, we might notice that some of our fears are breaking up along with tightness in the body!


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