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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hey Everyone!!! Alright, time to start reviewing postures and mini flows!

Today we are starting back at Chakra One-- our Root Chakra. It's our space of safety and security. Our HOME BASE! When we are in need of GROUNDING, we need to work on our Root Chakra. This might be the case if you are feeling anxious or unsettled. If you need any refresher in details about our Root Chakra, click the link below!

There are a few postures we will start out with that really help us connect with our Root Chakra. Then we will bring it all together in a little flow! In the Root Chakra, we want to think about grounding down through our hands and feet in certain postures. This helps us feel more stable and secure! Our hands and feet have four corners. They each have two sides (pinky and thumb/big toe), a front (fingers/toes) and a back (palms/heels). In the postures below, try to have all four edges of your hands and feet connect with the mat. I encourage you to read through the descriptions of each pose and then give the flow a try! See below!

Chair Pose - Utkatasana


Starting at a standing position, bring your feet and knees together. Feel your feet come in contact with the mat-- all four edges of the feet. Think about pressing down into the mat as you start to bend into your knees. Look down at your knees and see that they do not creep out past your toes. The tail tucks under. The belly draws in to support our low back. Our heart space lifts and opens. Our arms can lift up overhead or they can stay at heart center at the chest. The shoulders lower away from the ears. The neck is soft and relaxed. Gaze is soft and relaxed. Continue to root down into your feet and BREATHE!



Starting on hands and knees, in a tabletop position, bring hands directly under your shoulders. Our fingers spread wide. Root down into all four corners of your hands. Think about pressing the mat away with the hands, like you're closing a door. Arms straighten. Our gaze is down at our mat. Our neck is soft. Start to walk the feet back, creating one long line from head to heels. Belly draws in towards the spine to support our low back. Legs are activated and strong. Toes root down into the mat and our heels draw towards the back of the room. Hold and BREATHE!



From our Plank pose or tabletop, we tuck our toes and start to send the hips up and back. We continue to spread our fingers wide and press our hands into the mat. Our shoulders lift up and away from our ears. Neck is soft and relaxed. The head and ears are in line with our arms. Our gaze is soft and back at our upper thighs. Our hearts are still open even though we are in an inversion. Our bellies draw in to support us. We create one long line across our back body and down the backs of the legs, creating an inverted V-shape. Our feet are hip-distance apart. The heels do not have to reach the mat, but if they do, our feet root down once again. Hold and BREATHE!

Give the poses above a try, aiming for FIVE full breaths in and out in each pose, working up to longer! Remember, practice is KEY!


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